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7 Important Questions to Ask When Buying a Wheelchair

Buying a wheelchair is a big decision. It can change someone’s life. But, how do you choose the right one? Asking the right questions helps. Here are seven important questions to ask when buying a wheelchair


7 Important Questions To Ask Them When Buying a Wheelchair


1. What Type of Wheelchair Do You Need?


There are many types of wheelchairs. Each type serves different needs.


Manual Wheelchairs

These need someone to push them. They are lightweight and easy to transport. They are also cheaper than electric wheelchairs.


Electric Wheelchairs

These run on batteries. They are good for people who cannot push themselves. They are more expensive but provide more independence.

Buying a Wheelchair

Sports Wheelchairs

These are for people who play sports. They are strong and fast. They are also lightweight.


Pediatric Wheelchairs

These are for children. They come in different sizes and colors. They can be manual or electric.


Standing Wheelchairs

These allow the user to stand up. They can be electric or manual. They are great for health benefits and social interaction.


2. What Is Your Budget?


Wheelchairs can be expensive. Knowing your budget helps you choose the right one. Manual wheelchairs are cheaper. Electric ones cost more. But, there are many options in between. Here are some price ranges:


  • Manual wheelchairs: $100 – $500
  • Electric wheelchairs: $1,000 – $15,000
  • Sports wheelchairs: $1,000 – $5,000
  • Pediatric wheelchairs: $500 – $3,000
  • Standing wheelchairs: $10,000 – $50,000

3. What Size Do You Need?


Wheelchairs come in different sizes. The size depends on the user’s body. A good fit is important for comfort and safety. Here are some things to consider:


Seat Width

The seat should be wide enough for the user to sit comfortably. But, it should not be too wide. A snug fit is best.


Seat Depth

The seat depth should support the user’s thighs. The user should be able to sit with their back against the backrest.


Seat Height

The seat height should allow the user’s feet to touch the ground. This helps with balance and comfort.


Backrest Height

The backrest should support the user’s back. Some users may need a higher backrest for more support.


Weight Capacity

Make sure the wheelchair can support the user’s weight. Check the weight limit before buying.


4. What Features Do You Need?


Different wheelchairs come with different features. Knowing what features you need helps you choose the right one. Here are some common features:


Adjustable Armrests

These allow the user to adjust the height of the armrests. This adds comfort and support.



Some wheelchairs have adjustable footrests. Others have removable footrests. Choose the one that suits your needs.


Reclining Backrest

A reclining backrest allows the user to lie back. This is good for rest.



Some wheelchairs come with a headrest. This provides extra support for the head and neck.



Cushions add comfort. They also help prevent pressure sores. Some wheelchairs come with cushions. Others need you to buy them separately.

Buying a Wheelchair


Check the brakes. Make sure they are easy to use. Good brakes ensure safety.


5. Where Will You Use the Wheelchair?


The place where you will use the wheelchair matters. It affects the type of wheelchair you should buy. Here are some things to consider:


Indoors or Outdoors

Will you use the wheelchair indoors, outdoors, or both? Some wheelchairs are better for indoors. Others are better for outdoors. Choose the one that suits your needs.



What type of terrain will you use the wheelchair on? Smooth surfaces are easy to navigate. Rough terrains need strong and sturdy wheelchairs.



Will you need to transport the wheelchair? If yes, choose a lightweight and foldable wheelchair. This makes it easy to carry and store.



Check if your home and surroundings are wheelchair accessible. Make sure the wheelchair can fit through doors and hallways.


6. How Easy Is It to Maintain?


Maintenance is important for the long life of the wheelchair. Some wheelchairs need more maintenance than others. Here are some things to consider:



Is the wheelchair easy to clean? Some wheelchairs come with removable covers. This makes cleaning easy.



If you choose an electric wheelchair, check the battery life. Make sure it is easy to charge and replace.



Check if the wheelchair is easy to repair. Some wheelchairs come with a warranty. This covers the cost of repairs.


Spare Parts

Check if spare parts are available. Make sure they are easy to find and replace.


7. Can You Try It Before Buying?

Trying the wheelchair before buying is important. It helps you see if it is the right fit. Here are some things to consider:



Make sure the wheelchair is comfortable. Sit in it for a while. Check if it feels right.



Check how easy it is to maneuver. Make sure you can move around easily.



Try out the features. Make sure they work well and suit your needs.


Expert Advice

Ask for expert advice. Talk to a therapist or a wheelchair specialist. They can help you make the right choice.


Where to buy the best Wheelchairs?


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Final Words

Buying a wheelchair is a big decision. Asking the right questions helps you choose the best one. Remember to consider the type, budget, size, features, place of use, maintenance, and try it before buying. These questions ensure you get a wheelchair that fits your needs and improves your life. Make sure to do your research and take your time. A good wheelchair can make a big difference in your daily life.



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