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Hospital Beds/

Adjustable Hospital Bed with Manual Crank

Bed frame: L2160xW940xH270mm/ 1 pc
Head foot board: L1000mmxW150mmxH470mm/ 1 pc
Bed platform: L950mmxW760mmxH120mm/ 1 pc

  • Product Details

SK-CD1 Manual bed three cranks
Technical Parameters:
►External Size (LxWxH): 2130*995*(420-730)mm
►Mattress Platform: 1925x900mm
►Safe Working Load: 200kg
►Back-rest Adjustment: 0-70°(±5°)
►Knee-rest Adjustment: 0-38°(±5°)
Technical Configuration:
►PP Platform with Integrated Mattress Retainer, removable for sufficient sterilization
►Manual Cranks: 3pcs
►5″ Covered Castors: 4pcs
►Foldable Side Rail: 1set
►PP Bed Ends plug-in type, with safe lock: 1set
►Bumper wheels diameter 65mm: 4pcs
►IV Pole 4 hooks: 1set
►IV Pole Prevision: 4pcs
►Drainage Hook: 2pcs


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