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Five Functions Electric Hospital Bed

Bed frame: L2110mmxW1000mmxH619mm/ 1 pc
Head foot board: L1000mmxW150mmxH470mm/ 1 pc


These include movement that adjusts the head and the foot of the bed. The knee section can also be adjusted to be raised or lowered. The entire bed can also be raised to 28 inches off the ground or lowered to 16 inches off the ground. All functions are handled electronically with the bedside controls.

  • Product Details

SKD-C Electric bed five functions
Technical Parameters:
►External Size (LxWxH): 2085*1020*(455-745)mm
►Mattress Platform: 1925x900mm
►Safe Working Load: 250kg
►Back-rest Adjustment: 0-75°(±5°)
►Knee-rest Adjustment: 0-46°(±5°)
►Reverse Trendelenburg: 0-12°
►Trendelenburg: 0-12°
Technical Configuration:
►PP Platform with Integrated Mattress Retainer, removable for sufficient sterilization
►Linear Motor: 4pcs
►Hand controller: 1pc
►5″ Hardshell Castors: 4pcs
►Foldable Side Rail: 1set
►PP Bed Ends plug-in type, with safe lock: 1set
►Bumper wheels diameter 65mm: 4pcs
►IV Pole 4 hooks: 1set
►IV Pole Prevision: 4pcs
►Drainage Hook: 2pcs

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