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Hospital Beds/

Hospital Bed Eight Functions Fully Electric ICU Bed

2230*1130*680mm/1 pc

  • Product Details

SKD-C Electric bed eight functions
Technical Parameters:
►External Size (LxWxH): (2040-2240)x1020x(500-950)mm
►Mattress Platform: (1820-2020)x820mm
►Safe Working Load: 250kg
►Back-rest Adjustment: 0-75°(±10°)
►Knee-rest Adjustment: 0-20°(±10°)
►Reverse Trendelenburg: 0-18°
►Trendelenburg: 0-18°
►Angle Indicator: 0-90°
►Bed Extension: 200mm
Technical Configuration:
►LINAK Motor: 6pcs
►6″ Double Side Secure®Castors,Central Locking: 4pcs
►ABS Side Rail with Integrated Control Panel: 1set
►ABS Bed Ends One Step Removable: 1set
►Φ75mm Wall Bumper Wheel: 4pcs
►IV Pole: 1set
►IV Pole Prevision: 4pcs
►Drainage Hook: 4pcs
►5th Directional Wheel Pedal: 2pcs
►Central Locking Pedal: 2pcs
►x-ray Translucent Mattress Platform: 1set
►Back-up Battery:1set
►Night Light: 1set
►Bed Push Handle for Emergency Transfer: 1set
►Manual CPR
►Electric CPR



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